Our Values

Whether it’s a kitchen remodel or exterior courtyard renovation, we’re faced with multiple challenges in every project we take on. Our number one priority to surpass our client’s expectations and deliver an experience worth sharing. Challenges and obstacles interfere with any renovation project, which is why we developed an inspiring value system that we always keep with us on any project site. Don’t believe us, just ask your onsite project manager and they’ll be glad to provide you a copy.

Adhere to the ecce Homeowner’s Code of Ethics.
>Attentive Listening
Every homeowner has a vision – it’s our job to ensure we listen to their desires – no matter what.
>Creative Problem Solving
Remove yourself from the situation and take an outsiders perspective to the problem.
Remain in constant communication with the homeowner throughout the entire renovation process.
This is a home, a place of safety that residents are trusting us to come into, so treat it with love and understanding.
>Follow Up
Six months after the project is complete be sure to follow up with homeowners to address any issues they would like us to attend to.